CABB Australia provides Continence Management and Health Training for various government and non government organisations. As a Health Professional (Registered Nurse), an Adult Educator, Continence Practitioner and Work Place Health and Safety Officer, Terri-Ann delivers training in any health related area for your organisation. CABB provides participants with a Statement of Attendance.

Continence Management and Training

CABB Australia Pty Ltd provides various Government and Non-Government Organisations with training programs designed to enhance employee’s understanding of the effects and management of bowel and bladder incontinence and to promote continence. All continence training incorporates the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Incontinence
Module 2: Continence Assessment
Module 5: Treating and Managing Urinary Incontinence
Module 6: Constipation and Faecal Incontinence
Module 7: Catheterisation
Module 8: Continence in the Elderly and the Effects of Incontinence
Module 9: Continence Aids, Appliances and Products
Module 10: Accreditation and ACFI Standards
Module 11: Infection Control

Training session: 1 – 2 hours