The benefits …

If you are looking for quality health training then CABB is the right choice for you. Terri-Ann will provide you with the most comprehensive up to date training available tailored to your specific requirements.

Terri-Ann is a qualified competent health professional and delivers only quality health training services.

As a Registered Nurse, Workplace Health and Safety Officer and Continence Practitioner, Terri-Ann will provide you with the superior quality training you deserve.

Terri-Ann has participated in the following committees which invariably add depth and experience to all her training sessions:

  • Working party for the state policy development ‘Administration of Medication by Carers’ 2000
  • Policy development, medications, epilepsy management, continence management
  • Staff and external training
  • Organisational workplace health and safety committee development and maintenance
  • Centacare Training Reference Group

CABB is a mobile based Brisbane service so we come to you and take the cost and inconvenience out of your experience.

Do yourself a favour – book CABB today!