CABB is currently a South East Queensland based mobile service and provides health and continence advice including management and training. CABB still provides health training and provides participants with a Statement of Attendance.

CABB was founded in 2000 to meet a need in the community that was not being addressed by various other government or private health and education departments, practitioners and providers.

The organisation includes a Sales, Administration and Technical team specialising in the hospital and community settings of the Health Care sector, as well as the ability to service educational and training facilities. Only qualified and competent Registered Nurses are employed in the areas of Health.

CABB offers individual and group health and continence training, advice and management with the strictest of confidentiality assured and guaranteed. This saves the individual client and supporting agencies unneeded stress, worry and expense, providing a win win situation for all.

Mission and Values

The mission of CABB is to provide an individualised service to all people in the community, assisting them to overcome their quality of life issues, which are impacted on by continence issues and concerns. This is regardless whether the individual is supported by an organisation or facility-based domain or in his or her own home in the community. In providing this service CABB will contribute to a quality lifestyle that all people deserve and have the right to enjoy.

CABB will deliver the highest standards of care, advice, management and training expected of a contemporary organisation.


The guiding philosophy and vision of CABB:

To provide hope of what is possible and achievable for all, whilst at the same time enhance their quality of life.